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We're curious about you.

Jon, Jess and Ramón are looking to highlight all the world-transforming work being done among our profession - from the professionals who are doing it! You are part of that collective.

Think of your practice in the terms below. Then reach out to us and let’s discuss all that comes up as worthy of sharing with your community.

  • Work being done that would be valuable to others who work with the same populations and communities.

  • Work being done that could be valuable to those who work with the same or similar theoretical approaches.

  • Innovative approaches – techniques, blended disciplines, structures and formats, and the like.

  • Effective assessment or measurement instruments or processes.

Meet Your Hosts

Jon DeAngelis

LCAT, RDT, CP (Host)

When I completed my training several years ago I felt I knew only a portion of what I needed to know to be a good clinician. Even with good supervision and working in a supportive facility, I still thought I would learn the most by learning what my colleagues were doing, and how they were doing it.  Since conferences are always helpful but are often infrequent - and before you know it they're over - I realized that podcast technology might be an ideal medium for connecting professionals in the field in a real and personal way.  And so was born Drama Therapy Radio.  I hope this project contributes to your professional growth and knowledge, and the enrichment and satisfaction of your practice – like I know it contributes to mine.

Jessica Elwart

LCAT, RDT (Host)

Jess promo photo Jan 2024_edited.jpg

When I was little my dad won a big radio from his company Christmas party. I used it to “play radio” whenever I could. I would put on old records that were lying around and some of his old tapes and created a radio show. When podcasts came about it was a no-brainer for me to make one! My goal is to use my natural curiosity to talk with our colleagues and bring their work to you. I hope that through listening to these stories, you become inspired by what your fellow clinicians are doing and that you would be willing to share your story with us too. 

Ramón Guitart

LPCC, P-RDT (Host)

Ramon Guitart is a drama therapist, actor, director, radio interviewer, and host. Currently working in a pediatric hospital in Denver. Ramon works with children dealing with eating disorders and other psychiatric conditions. He worked for many years with the Latino community in Philadelphia and California and wrote and directed “The Latinx Experience” – a play about visibility, social justice, and immigration, performed at the 2019 NADTA Conference. During his time on Drama therapy radio, he has been passionate about interviewing BIPOC  and international Drama therapists. 

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