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The Podcast: Music Player

Jessica Asch

"We Needed to Find the Stillness"

Episode 1

Jess worked last summer with children from Marjory Stoneman Douglass Highschool.  Along with a few others she created Camp Shine, a summer camp for the victims of the school shooting.  In talking with Jess, we explore how the camp was created, how she was able to convince a fractured community to come together for healing and how she took care of herself throughout the process.

More about Jess

NPR Radio Interview

Ross Stone & Emily Bartlett

"Teenagers Are Underestimated"

Episode 2

During the 2018 conference we sat down with Ross and Emily to talk about their work with teenagers in Kansas City.  While balancing ourselves on a hotel bed (with a very pregnant Emily) we talk about the beauty of the teenage heart and the creativity of their minds. 

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Bob & Sue

"Drama Therapy is Cool"

Episode 3

Through the work of “Dancing With Crow’s Feet” Deb created a therapeutic performance space for aging women to explore what it means to be old.  Whether or not you saw the performance at the 2018 conference, this episode takes a look at how the show was created and is a wonderful look into Deb’s passion for her population.

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